rStaking is Rena's one-way staking system for the RENA token.

Changes from old Rena V1: With the upgrade to the new Rena, the RENA staking model has transitioned from an LP staking model to a single-sided RENA token staking model. This significantly simplifies the staking process and enhances the participant experience. Claiming rewards in the new staking system with will no longer require the 50% ETH value buyback (or any charge).


Rena's novel staking model is called rStaking. rStaking is a simple one-way RENA staking model with optional locking durations ranging from 0-365 days. rStaking participants earn claimable rewards in the form of RENA/ETH UNI-V2 LP tokens generated from Rena DeFi activities.

To participate in rStaking, users simply stake their RENA and select a lock duration.

Locking rStake

RENA token holders can rStake their RENA and specify a preferred lock period. Extended lock periods afford rStakers boosts on their represented stake weight in the pool for the purpose of rewards distribution.

rStakers can select a lock period between 0-365 days each time they rStake their RENA.

0-day Lock: RENA rStakers can remain flexible and unstake at any time if they set their rStake lock duration to 0 days. RENA rStaked this way has a 1x multiplier on its pool weight for rewards.

Up-to 365-day Lock: RENA rStakers can increase their pool weight multiplier by locking up to 365 days. When RENA is rStaked for the max 365-day lock duration, a 2x multiplier is granted to the weight of that RENA in the rewards pool. Locking for less than 365 days applies a prorated mutiplier based on the lock duration between 0 days (1x) and 365 days (2x).

Note: rStakes maintain their full multiplier bonus regardless of how much lock period is left or even when the lock period has passed and the RENA is now ready to claim. rStakes with increased weight multiplier from increased lock durations maintain those weight multipliers, so long as the RENA remains rStaked and not claimed.


RENA rStakers can unstake their RENA in the rStake Manage screen found on the rStaking page. Each rStake has its lock duration tracked separately and the rStake Manage screen shows when rStakes will unlock and which are claimable now.


rStakers accumulate rewards in the form of RENA/ETH UNI-V2 LP tokens. These rewards are claimable and can be viewed and claimed in the rStaking interface. Rewards can be claimed at any time without any fees or minimums.

rStakers with unclaimed RENA/ETH LP tokens in their rewards on Rena temporarily bolster the total RENA/ETH liquidity on Uniswap by choosing not to claim and unpair the LP tokens. While rewards are unclaimed, the LP tokens continue to accumulate fees from Uniswap. Rewarding rStakers with LP gives the added benefit of their rewards earning rewards within themselves in the form of LP fees.

Volume from rBonds to rStakers

rStaking rewards stem from the volume generated through the rBond Marketplace. The bulk of ETH generated via the RENA rBond is converted into RENA/ETH LP and then distributed to RENA rStakers. Furthermore, other pairs featured on the rBond Marketplace will also contribute to rStaking rewards since each pair incurs a minor fee (currently set at 1%) that is funneled to RENA rStakers. As a result, as the Rena rBond Marketplace expands its listings, RENA single-sided rStakers will directly reap benefits from its volume.

Why Reward rStakers with LP

  • Enhance Liquidity: rStakers indirectly boost the total RENA/ETH liquidity pool by holding unclaimed LP tokens, fostering more stable trading conditions.

  • Enhance RENA Volume: ETH accumulated from rBonds is used to purchase RENA before creating LP tokens for rStaking rewards, which boosts RENA’s trading volume on Uniswap.

  • Hedge Against Volatility: LP token rewards provide diversified exposure to both RENA and ETH.

  • Indirect Yield Potential: rStakers benefit from additional yields generated within their rStake RENA/ETH LP rewards through Uniswap's trading fees, which accumulate even while rewards are unclaimed.

  • Alignment with Platform Success: Linking rStakers' rewards to overall RENA/ETH liquidity ensures that all rStakers participate and benefit from the platform's success and activity.

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