rBond Marketplace

A trustless decentralized marketplace were tokens are listed at discounted rates.

rBond Marketplace

The rBond Marketplace is where users access and browse rBonds and purchase discount tokens. With every rBalance, rBond discounts are reset to their target discount percentage rate. rBalances happen on periodic schedule and can be called manually by rBond owners.

Verified & Unverified rBonds

rBonds are sorted into two main categories: Verified and Unverified. rBond creation is trustless in nature, so the Rena DAO has a process in place to verify rBonds created. Users can toggle between Verified and Unverified views in the marketplace.

Note: Purchasing from the Unverified page is very risky and not encouraged without inspecting the smart contracts because anyone can create them with any token. Users can inspect the token IDs of any rBond before purchasing by clicking the linked rBond contract on Etherscan.

Purchasing rBonds

To begin purchase, click "BUY BOND" on the chosen rBond pair in the rBond Marketplace to open the Purchase rBond interface. In the Purchase rBond interface a user can enter the amount they wish to purchase, adjust slippage, approve and process rBond purchases.

Input: The token that users spend to purchase from the rBond.

Output: The token that users receive in exchange for the Input Token which can be claimed after the vesting period has elapsed.

Vesting Period: The amount of time that needs to elapse after purchase before purchased tokens are available for claim in the Claim rBonds navigation sub menu.

Market Price: Current market price on Uniswap fetched via Uniswap Subgraph.

rBond Price: Current best price per token from the rBond.

Discount (and rBalance Target): Current discount % on the Market Price reflected in the rBond price. rBalance Target refers to the discount percentage automatically adjusted periodically when the rBalancer is called.

You Will Get (min.): Amount of token that users can expect for purchase, factoring in slippage.

Net Discount (min.): The is the net discount based on the purchase amount entered with the proportional price impact of the rBond purchase over the DEX LP curve. The more one buys in a single purchase the less net discount they get on average per token.

RED & GREEN Discount Indicator:

RED Net Discount values indicate that the rBond is selling at a premium and if a user continues with the purchase they will be knowingly purchasing the token at a premium (for more than the current Uniswap market price).

GREEN Net Discount values conversely indicate that the rBond purchase will result in a discounted purchase (less than the current Uniswap market price.)

rBond Contract: Link to the rBond smart contract on Etherscan.

Gear Wheel: Slippage menu - clicking "Auto" will reset slippage to the default static value of 0.5% and users can also type in a value to adjust the slippage % manually.

Claiming Vested rBonds

After purchasing an rBond the user must wait the vesting period before they can claim their purchased tokens. The amount of time is indicated in the Purchase rBond interface and the remaining time on vesting rBonds that have been purchased can be found in the Claim section of the rBonds menu.

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