Rena V1 - Staking Migration

These instructions only apply to RENA/ETH LP stakers on the old Rena V1.

Migrating Your Stake to the New Rena Platform

This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to migrate your staked RENA/ETH LP tokens from the old Rena Finance platform to the new one.

Note: There is no new RENA token.

Migrating Your RENA Stake

Follow these steps to migrate your staked RENA tokens:

  1. Go to the old platform at

  2. Unstake your LP tokens and claim any outstanding RENA rewards (the old contract required you to buyback your rewards, this is still the case).

  3. Visit the new rStaking page at

  4. Stake your RENA in the new Rena rStaking interface to start earning rewards.

Important Notes

  • Rewards will no longer be sent to the old staking contracts.

  • We recommend completing the migration as soon as possible to ensure uninterrupted reward earnings.

  • If you face any issues or have questions during the migration process, reach out to our team in Telegram for help (be mindful of scammers - Rena team members will never DM first).

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